Wellness Center & Travel Immunizations




The Wellness Center (formerly called Medical Office) was created over 50 years ago to screen and oversee the health of missionaries in the field, and to provide periodic evaluation and examination of those personnel and their dependents. As the building has evolved, so has the Wellness Center. In addition to caring for mission personnel, the office provides Occupational Health and Safety Services to employees of tenant agencies of The Interchurch Center and Travel Medicine Consultations and Immunizations.


Our offices are open to both the general public and to employees of TIC tenant agencies; TIC Wellness Center focuses on providing the proper travel immunizations coupled with expert consultation to travelers on holiday or business. These services are offered by appointment only.

Immunization Hours:
Monday – Friday
9:00AM - 4:00PM

Consultation and immunizations carry with them a charge, payable by debit or credit card at the time of service. We do not accept insurance. Fees are subject to change due to varying costs.

Keep us in mind when planning your next international travel.

Contact the Wellness Center:

List of immunizations include:
Japanese Encephalitis
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B
Meningitis (Menactra/Menveo)
Influenza (in season)
Yellow Fever (OUT OF STOCK)

Immunizations & Price list [Updated 2019]


Employees working within The Interchurch Center will be screened by the Registered Nurse and/or the Nurse Practitioner, and when necessary, referred to the TIC Physician or their private physician. We will always make the effort to write or phone the personal physician with information or important observations concerning the health of the individual.For Emergencies or when deemed necessary the TIC Wellness Center personnel will go to the tenant offices, perform an emergency evaluation, and return the individual to the TIC Medical Office or arrange transport to an emergency room. Treatment of institutional employees by the Registered Nurse or the Nurse Practitioner will conform to our own Treatment Protocols, or will require direct approval by the Physician Consultant.

Massage Chairs Are Now Available!

Feeling Stressed? Come Relax! Take a break at the Wellness center!
To use the chairs, just stop by the Wellness Center (Suite 241) and sign up.
$2 for 10 minutes of use. Cash Only. No Cards Accepted. Please Bring Singles.

Health Benefits of Massage Chairs:
• Reduces pressure on nerves by aligning the spine.
• Relaxes muscles and maintains good posture.
• Relieves stress.
• Improves circulation.

Sessions Available Weekdays: 9:30AM - 3:30PM.


The TIC Wellness Center maintains and oversees a small fitness center located in the wellness center suite 241. It contains a treadmill, an Elliptical Glider, an Aerdyne Bicycle and a floor exercise mat. The use of this equipment is open to any employee of a tenant agency within TIC without charge. The employee must fill out medical history and informed consent forms and participate in a formal orientation to the equipment given by exercise trainers. Forms are available in the wellness center. Once approved, time on the equipment is scheduled in advance.

Fitness center hours:
Monday - Friday
9AM - 3:30PM


The Interchurch Center hosts weekly exercise classes for tenant employees.

The classes are held under the supervision of the TIC wellness center and a Certified Trainer.

Depending on the season, there may be a small registration fee for these classes.
The classes consist of easy toning and stretching exercises and relaxation techniques. All that is needed is comfortable clothing and a towel to lie down on.

For more information on current classes and schedule please contact the Wellness Center at 212.870.3053 or look at the Interchurch Center's event listing.