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Presbytery of New York City

Mission Statement

Our Mission, as the Presbytery of New York City, is to embody God's gracious love in Jesus Christ through our ministries, our congregations, our partnerships, our service and witness, and our common life together. As a manifestation of Christ's body, we proclaim God's Word and promote God's justice to all persons and in all places, public and private, throughout NYC, striving to grow in faith and size so that all may hear and experience the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Professional Examination Services

Mission Statement

The mission of Professional Examination Service (PES), a nonprofit corporation, is to promote and protect the public welfare by articulating and demonstrating the value of credentialing and continuing competency assurance. This mission is founded upon our conviction that credentialing benefits both the public and the professions and occupations choosing to engage in this process. PES meets its mission by providing services and funding selected public service initiatives that impact the quality of the credentialing and continuing-competency assurance process.

Pure Earth Blacksmith Institute

Mission Statement

Blacksmith Institute is an international organization dedicated to solving pollution problems in low and middle income countries, where human health is at risk. Since its inception in 1999, Blacksmith has completed more than 50 cleanup projects in 21 countries.