Past Exhibitions

Harlem Sewn Up ll

Harlem Sewn Up lI: Quilted Reflections of a Community Artists include: Anna Alvarez Michael Cummings Ife Felix Adriene Cruz Harlem Girls Quilting Circle Myrah Brown Green Pat Mabry Dindga McCannon


THE AFFAIR OF THE BRUSH I have spent many years on a long journey from representational to abstract art. Along the way, I have discovered that color is a critical element in my work. I view my art as a reflection of my soul. By using strong vibrant colors, I convey energy, anxiety, pain and Read More…


ABOUT THE ARTIST Ellen Stockdale-Wolfe is a New York City painter and photographer. Inspired by her Sicilian stonemason grandfather who carved the Gettysburg address in the Lincoln Memorial, Ellen began painting and worked her way through college and graduate school. She took some studio art courses at the Columbia University School of the Arts while Read More…

Two By Ten – American Society of Contemporary Artists

The American Society of Contemporary Artists is a national not-for-profit exhibiting art organization of professional painters, sculptors, and printmakers. Artists of excellence are carefully selected on merit by a revolving jury of their peers. Artist-members participate in public lectures, art demonstrations, art education, and the presentation of awards that serve to encourage the development of Read More…